Sailability Capricornia’s ‘Percy’ the pontoon boat is here.

Percy the pontoon boat has started taking sailors out onto The Causeway Lake.
Thanks to the Qld Govt Gambling Fund for the necessary money to purchase and prepare Percy to be able to take Sailability Capricornia sailors on board.
A big thankyou also too Sailability Qld for a very generous donation to help outfit and assist with Percy’s operations.
Pictured is a happy sailor, Warren. His first boat ride in 22 years.


The Emu Park QCWA Generously Supports Sailability Capricornia

IMG_1167The Emu Park Branch of the QCWA recently held a very successful Quilt Show. One of their major benefactors, of this major fundraiser, was Sailability Capricornia. 5 Sailability volunteers helped out on the day, by displaying the quilts for the ladies, on especially designed hanging frames. Going by the great attendance at the event and the many smiling faces, the day was a huge success.

A cheque for $2000 was recently presented to Sailability volunteers; Helen, Karen and Ken.

Thankyou so much to the dedicated quilt creators and QCWA members for their generosity.

Channel 7 visits Sailability Capricornia

On Nov 7 a local Channel 7 reporter and camera operator visited a Sailability Capricornia sailing day. They filmed, interviewed and had a great ride around in a support boat. Everyone was very well behaved on the day and smiled nicely for the camera.

If you would like to have a look at the Channel 7 telecast please click on the following link.


The Sailability Tractor makes life a lot easier

20170801_120611_resizedThanks to Peter ‘Mechanical Magician’ Murphy Sailability Capricornia now has a ride-on  to help launch and retrieve boats on sailing days. Peter’s unique towbar and drawbar designs enable 2 boats to be delivered to the water’s edge at one time. Quite a sight to see the ‘Sailing boat roadtrain’ leaving the shed and heading to the lake. A huge thanks to Peter for his efforts.