Sailability Christmas Break Up

As usual our Christmas break up was very well attended. And what could be better than spending the morning eating and drinking in the shade of the trees on the banks of the lake?

It’s a hard life but someone has to do it.

“Bob’s Boat” hits the water

We now have two trimarans sailing on the Causeway Lake. The new Hobie has been named “Bob’s Boat” in memory of Bob Auld who passed away last year.

Funding for the boat came from donations in Bob’s memory with the balance made up by Ros. A fitting memorial to one of our most stalwart supporters.

Olympic Access Dinghies

The Access Dinghy Aussie Titles have recently been held in Sydney. The Skud 18 they sail is the big brother of our 303s and 2.3s.

When Chris Mitchell, Mr Access Dinghies, delivered our new boats last year he was telling us about the name Skud. He is very keen on the concept of universal design i.e. a boat that can be sailed by anyone, able bodied or not. So when you build a SKiff with Universal Design you get a SKUD.

The titles were featured on Lateline. Watch this video. This is where we could be in a few years time. Fabulous. I want to sail one. Now. Or sooner.

Duo conquer sailing regatta, aim for Paralympics