Since we moved a couple of years ago from sailing on the north to the south side of the lake our floating pontoon has not been used. The committee has decided it’s time to pass it on to an organisation that could make good use of it.

It was bought a few years ago with a grant of $18,000 from Hansa (formerly Access) Dinghies. Ours is the “H” dock and you can see the latest version of it on the Hansa web site. Ours is slightly different but not by much as you can see in the slide show below.

These photos were taken on the day the pontoon was delivered personally by the designer Chris Mitchell. So there were a lot of volunteers available to learn how to put it together.

Sailability Trailer
Sailability Trailer carries H-Dock pontoon plus 2 dinghies. Click for larger image.

Once you know what you’re doing it takes 3 or 4 volunteers about 20 minutes to set it up. It’s steady enough to push wheelchairs to the end where there is provision to fix a hoist to transfer sailors from wheelchair to boat.

We also have a custom built trailer for sale that takes the pontoon plus a couple of Hansa dinghies. The trailer is very similar to the one shown here.

If these were to go to another Sailability branch we feel the following prices are more than reasonable.

  • H-Dock Pontoon – $2500
  • Trailer – $1000

If you would like to know more please feel free to contact us or ring Steve or Carol on 0437204333.