4th May Sail Day Follow Up

An amazing turn out of volunteers, 18 of us had a pleasant morning on the water. Including 3 people who turned up on the day. Thanks Vicki, Wendy and Dave.

Most volunteers had a sail and a turn on the rescue boat as well as lessons on rigging the dinghies.

We only had 2 disabled sailors, which gave us plenty of time for volunteer orientation,  but we have 7 girls already booked in for the 18th. Hopefully more on the day.

Thanks again to everyone.

Welcome to Sailability Capricornia’s New Web Site

This brand new web site is pretty basic at the moment but will get expanded as soon as I figure out how.

If you have any images or video that you’d like to see here let me know and we’ll see if between us we can upload them somewhere. A gallery or something.

I’ve based this web site on a WordPress blog. If anyone has any experience with these, or knows someone who does, don’t be backward in coming forward