New Poster

We are aiming to get them printed in a number of different sizes. Small ones with extra information on the back to give out as flyers. Larger ones to display on school, library, council noticeboards, shop windows etc.

If anyone has any printing contacts let us know. The large ones are quite expensive to print.

6th July Sail Day Follow Up

Our regular sailors Sara and Jamie, as well Conrad who came through the Sporting Wheelie’s organisation.

Numbers are always down in the winter months. Not sure why, it was very pleasant at the lake.

We are slowly working away in the background at increasing participation. When we have 20 sailors every sail day with all their carers we’ll look back at this gentle time with a great deal of nostalgia. (more…)

1st June Sail Day Follow Up

Our regular sailors Sara, Michelle and Jamie, were there as well as 6 girls from Glenmore High. They were accompanied by teachers and parents most of whom got out on the water.

Michelle, the teacher who organised the trip, was amazed at how well behaved the girls were. Very peaceful. Not sure if it was the surroundings at the lake or Sailability. We’ll pretend it was us. (more…)

Where and When We Sail

From the boat ramp on the north shore of the Causeway Lake. Half way between the shop and the boat hire centre. Near the junction of Ware Ave and Causeway Esplanade.

First and third Tuesdays of each month. Volunteers start setting up at 9am with sailors arriving around 10am.

Please contact us if you’d like more info.

News from the Gold Coast Branch

I’ve just received this email from the Gold Coast branch. They are really humming down there.

…….and I am truly delighted to hear that Sailability Capricornia is moving forward. I had a lot to do with the initial formation and I congratulate you all on making it all happen. The people at Tin Can Bay will also be pleased to hear of a positive outcome from the conference. Here at Hollywell we find our weekly attendance of disabled clients is rising steadily and we are now handling weekly throughput of 90 or more, in fact we are exploring the possibility of forming a new branch on the Gold Coast.

Congratulations again
Stan Phillips

Sail Day Follow Up


Another sail day where the emphasis was again on volunteers and getting you all up to speed with rigging and skippering the dinghies as well as rescue boat duty.

Some competency testing was planned but didn’t eventuate. Next time maybe.


We also took out some of our regular sailors. Sara, Michelle and Jamie are all keen to get on the water and we’ll be seeing them on a regular basis. (more…)

Sailability and Recycling

Dave has pointed out this interesting article about recycling an old dinghy for use by Sailability. A trimaran would be perfect for the Causeway Lake, it would do away with all the centreboard hassle.

Dinghy recycled into a Trimaran
Dinghy recycled into a Trimaran

Read the complete article here. Scroll down to Sailability and Recycling.