Steve Livingstone, Brittany Lauga, Sandra Byrt and Steve Bundred

At our recent sail day we had visits from representatives of the Keppel Bay Sailing Club Management team as well as the member for Keppel.

The general feeling was that the lake is presently under utilised by the community and with some development could become a tourist attraction as well as a great environment for locals.

The Keppel Bay Sailing Club, KBSC, are currently running their learn to sail courses, for children aged from 5 years upwards, at the lake. This provides a very safe venue for their “Tackers” programme. Sandra Byrt and Denis Cook from KBSC talked about the need to create a safe launching ramp for their junior boats as well as a floating pontoon to simplify getting sailors in and out of their boats.

Both of these aims would also benefit Sailability greatly.

Brittany Lauga has spoken to the businesses around the lake who would, of course, welcome more visitors. She seemed supportive of ideas that would make the lake a more attractive social hub.

KBSC have plans to build a boat storage shed near to Sailability although recent events have put these plans on hold for the time being.

Brittany was also impressed with the turnout of Sailability volunteers, 19 in total!

New Era for the Causeway Lake

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