Annie and Steve have been visiting their daughter in Perth and took the opportunity to have a sticky beak at what Sailability gets up to in the west.

They have a full time employed organiser, Shay Kennare, who kindly took time out of her busy morning to talk to us.

Because the wind was over 15knots they weren’t using the Access dinghies, although one older sailor did take one out. Every one else was taken out in one of their 3 small yachts, 3 or 4 sailors at a time. Plus a skipper and crew and carers to look after the sailors.

I’ve added some captions to the photos in the slide show below so they should be self explanatory. (You’ll need to click the text thingy in the bottom left corner to get the captions.)

The last slide is actually a video showing a sailor being lifted into the boat with a hydraulic crane. You might have to double click the slide to get the video to run.

They charge $7 per sail. They also have a sliding scale of annual charges for organisations depending on how many sailors they have.

They sail 3 times per week.

  • Wednesdays are for their less disabled sailors.
  • Thursdays they take out severely disabled people.
  • Sundays are for the serious sailors who are training for competition. Including blind sailors. The buoys emit different sounds so they can be identified.
Visit to Perth Sailability
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