I’ve been thinking about buying one of these New Zealand designed and made WETA Trimarans for myself. Go like a rocket and easy to handle for one person.

In the UK they are using them for disabled sailors as shown in this video.

They do have a centre board but nowhere near as long as on the Access Dinghies. And because of the two amas, the pontoons on each side, they don’t capsize. Would be great for exploring the far reaches of the Causeway Lake.

He also likes his land yachting.

The land yacht in this video looks very like the Blokarts that we sail here on the coast.

And a simple conversion to add a seat to the WETA Trimaran.

Canadian Boat of the Year 2010

Here is the Sailing World magazine article about the canadian_boat_of_the_year_2010 in PDF format.

Trimarans for Disabled Sailors
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