It was so peaceful early on Tuesday morning down at the lake. The sun was poking its nose out from behind the clouds. A gentle breeze wafting across the smooth waters. Beautiful.

And then along comes Sailability. Cars, trailers, people, noise, laughter. Who needs peaceful, let’s have some fun.

Our regular sailors are starting to build up slowly. Sara, Michelle, Jamie and Conrad all enjoyed themselves.

This Week’s New Sailors

The Red Cross brought along sailors for the first time. This was initiated by one of our volunteers, Vicki, who works for them.

Terry from the Red Cross, brought along Lynne and Steve who both really enjoyed themselves.

They will be getting together with the rest of their group on Friday. I’m sure they will be great advocates for Sailability.

Expect to see more sailors from Red Cross in the future.

Glenmore High School

A group of girls came from this school last month. Bernie has since been talking to their teacher, Michelle, and helping them put together a sailing course. We will be seeing more of them soon.

New Rubber Ducky
Wendy, from the Iwasaki Foundation, attended the sail day at our invitation to see the launch of our new rescue boat which was funded by Iwasaki. If we can organise to take some of the disadvantaged people that they fund sailing on a regular basis it will complete the circle.

It still doesn’t officially have a name but a quick poll by Kerry at the sail day suggested that Yagi-za might be the most popular.

Sailors with disAbilities
This sounds like a great opportunity for any local sailors. I’ll leave any interested individuals to contact Jane.

Subject: Sailors with disAbilities – Opportunity to come sailing with us.

Sailors with disAbilities runs a program called the Northern Program, which sails down the East Coast taking people with a disability yachting free of charge.

They will be at Rosslyn Bay on Aug 14th and are offering two sailing times, 09:30-11:30 and 12:00-2:00. They can accommodate groups of 14 with a maximum of 4 wheelchairs per sail. If you or you group would like to book please contact:

Jane Hawes
Sailors With Disabilities
mobile: 0434 194 027

20th July Sail Day Round Up

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