Our regular sailors Sara, Michelle and Jamie, were there as well as 6 girls from Glenmore High. They were accompanied by teachers and parents most of whom got out on the water.

Michelle, the teacher who organised the trip, was amazed at how well behaved the girls were. Very peaceful. Not sure if it was the surroundings at the lake or Sailability. We’ll pretend it was us.

Kerry and Mary organised a BBQ and hot drinks which raised a few dollars. Free for volunteers.

Michelle is talking about running a sailing course at the school. She will teach theory in the classroom and then practical sessions over a few weeks with us. She was excited about the possibilities. There are 50 special ed students at Glenmore. We will see more of them.

Maintenance Crew
Ken Condie put his hand up as another volunteer for maintenance duties. Thanks Ken.

Dave is interested in trying to add outriggers to one of the dinghies. Check out this entry on our web site for his ideas.

Video Camera
The video camera from JVC organised by Steve Pepper has arrived. Would anyone like to put their hand up to organise a raffle?

Storage Shed
Council has got back to us. They want another meeting on site in a months time??!!!???!!!! Apart from that they didn’t say much.

Radio Coverage
Jacquie McKay from ABC local radio turned up and talked to lots of people. I know she has listeners because one of them, Ian, phoned me up this morning to volunteer. He lives at Kinka Beach so it couldn’t be more convenient.
If you didn’t hear the interview you can listen to it online .

Our AGM is coming up. Would you prefer it to be on the afternoon of one of our sail days or on a separate day? Evening or daytime? Let us know your preference and we will fix a date that suits the majority.

Thought for the Day
Why does the shortest volunteer, me, have to wade out into the deepest water? We need a couple of volunteers about 2m tall to get the dinghies in and out from shore. Either that or a jetty.

1st June Sail Day Follow Up
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