Just a quick reminder that our next sail day is on Tuesday.

A teacher from Glenmore High, Michelle, is bringing some teenage girls for the first time. I’ll let Michelle tell you about them.

We have 6 or 7 students, 1 parent and 4 staff. We will leave Rocky at 9am, so should arrive at the Causeway about 9.45. We will need to leave in the afternoon by about 1.30, as some students leave school early to catch buses, etc.

5 of our students are intellectually impaired. They should be fine with the sailing. We have one girl with Aspergers who may get completely phobic, and may not be sailing if she does. Her name is Tymeika. We can manage her on the shore, but if she gets scared out on the water, it could be a bit tricky. Perhaps it would be wise to take her most trusted adult out sailing at the same time as her. (Lisa)
We also have one girl with Down’s Syndrome, who is quite passive, and will require more physical assistance than our other students. She loses balance and is not very active. Her mother will be with us on the day. Again, maybe her mum could go for a sail at the same time as her?

More Sailors

I also expect to see our regulars, Michelle and Sara. And possibly a new sailor whose mother phoned me today. Stephen is 25 years old, intellectually disabled with cerebral palsy (CP). He is able to walk with help so we shouldn’t need the hoist.


Kerry has organised a BBQ for the Rocky visitors.

ABC Radio

We are also expecting Jacquie Mackay from the ABC. She hosts the breakfast show on local ABC radio. She is supportive of what we are doing.

Sailing Schedule

As well as the sailors I’d like to offer the carers/parents a sail. And there are a number of volunteers who are learning to sail and need time on the boats too. We’ll try to make each trip about half an hour to fit everyone in. Can all skippers ensure they have a watch with them?

Weather Forecast

The forecast for Tuesday is light winds from the south west so it should be very pleasant on the water.

See you on the north side of the Causeway Lake on Tuesday about 9am.

Next Sail Day 1st June
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