Lots of stuff is happening in the background. Here’s a brief rundown so we are all up to date.

  • Council is giving serious consideration to a storage shed on the south side. They will be getting back to us in a few weeks. Bernie and┬áSteve spoke to the mayor who is supportive.
  • Paul C┬áis looking at plans for a shed in conjunction with the outriggers.
  • Catherine is putting together welcome letters and then moving on to training manuals.
  • Steve’s been playing with the email and has set up a web site.
  • Teresa is blitzing the media, another article in the Mirror this week. All these articles are producing new volunteers and sailors.
  • Lion2 Rubber Ducky
    Lion2 Rubber Ducky
    • Kerry is sourcing uniforms and investigating┬ágrants for them.
    • Bob Auld has put together a PowerPoint presentation which we’ll try to put online.
    • Steve P has offered to make a┬ávideo. He’ll be back next week.
    • Paul F is keeping track of media releases and scanning them for use on the web site.

    As I said, lots happening but there are plenty more jobs going begging. If anyone can lend a hand with any of the following please get in touch.

    • Basic maintenance on the boats. Bernie tries to fit this in among his many other duties and I know he would appreciate a helping hand.
    • Now the volunteer base is starting to expand we need to contact disabled organisations to find some more sailors. Probably just a few phone calls to the right people.
    • The council has promised to get back to us soon about a storage shed. When we get the go ahead we are going to need to source some funding. There are many opportunities for funding but we need to actually make applications before we have a chance! Help would be greatly appreciated.

    Don’t forget the next Sail Day is on the 18th May.

    Sailability News Update
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